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A majority of my skills reside in the world of Technical SEO. This includes tasks like performing technical SEO audits, monitoring Google Analytics and Search Console data, assisting with site migrations, backlink audits, SEO consulting, and (of course) the occasional performing of a sacrificial séance in hopes to please the almighty Google gods.


I also work heavily in link building. Pretty straight forward, but I do take a very “white hat” approach to link building. With this approach in mind, I do take pride in the links I build (aka I don’t build spammy/garbage links), and I have data to back up that the links I build have helped websites increase their rankings.

I am always down to talk about link building and SEO. If you want to chat, let’s do so here:

Email: taylortomita93 ( at ) gmail ( dot ) com

Twitter: @tvylortomitv

LinkedIn: TaylorTomita